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I started working on this project in June of 2007. I have had this idea for 20 years but one day I was reading my Nuts and Volts magazine and they had an article about near space. This is what started me on this project.
 I finally launched my balloon on March 1st 2009 from Kewanee Illinois and it landed in Farmer City Illinois in a field. It traveled 120 miles in 2 hours. We lost all contact with the balloon a half hour after take off. We got one update that said it was 1.5 miles above the ground and the GPS coordinates and time. It was 50 miles away. We went there and searched for 3 hours. The sun was setting and Paul saw something in a field. It was the balloon. It was 1.5 miles from it's last update we got. WOW we found it. We where very happy. Here are the pictures we did get.
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