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Dryden Engineering is a consulting and engineering company specializing in using Microchip microcontroller's. We have also designed LED controllers and LED lighting products. Have the ability to take a customers projects from concept to finished product.
LED Controller, LED PCB, Eddy Current, Home Thermostat, Home Alarm System, Near Space Balloon Projects, CubeSat, Plasma Treatment System.
Tectivity had me design a 3 channel LED controller. Each channel had 2.3 amp of drive capability. You can adjust each channels current from 0 to 2.3 amps. The LED controller is used for a flash for machine vision systems. There was also 3 LED boards that can be used with the LED controller for different applications.
President: Glenn Gram
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Dryden Engineering

  1. Schematic Capture
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  3. Software Design
  4. Circuit Design
  5. Mechanical Design
I have done a variety of projects for Mectron. I helped design a plasma treatment system that they got a patent for. Designed a 3 channel LED controller for their qualifier. Worked on a number of LED light rings and light bars. Currently working on eddy current controller and replacing there wire wound coils with PCB coils.
A customer wanted a custom alarm system designed and installed in their house. I used a custom designed board for monitoring doors and windows and other stuff. Wrote an APP to run on a laptop to control every thing. I monitor the house power and sump pump. All windows and doors are monitored. It is all battey backed up.
I started phase 3 of my balloon project. I used a standard Cubesat format. 100 mm by 100 mm. I was able to put all the cameras and electronics in that format. I had the frame 3 D printed.
The Plasma Treatment System was designed for heating gold nano spheres in a tumor to kill the cells. It can all so be used for wound healing by killing off infected dead skin cells. Another use is to clean seeds to increases the wetability so they will germinate quiker.
My second balloon flight was with a group GPSL (Great Planes Space Launch). Paul and I went to Hutchinson Kansas for a 3 day conference. The last day we where there the GPSL group launched about 12 balloons. We launched my balloon and the flight lasted about hour and a half and landed in a field about 15 miles away. We tracked it for just about the whole time.
I did some testing after the first flight to figure out some of the problems. Here are the pictures from the Sumerset Beach testing.
I designed this Thermostat for a customer that wanted to control and setup the Thermostat from a PC and have an APP on the PC to setup and manage the Thermostat.
I started working on this project in June of 2007. I have had this idea for 20 years but one day I was reading my Nuts and Volts magazine and they had an article about near space. This is what started me on this project.
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